Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Raj Academy At Bangla Sahib
Why can’t we do kirtan the way our Gurus wanted us to do? Most of the Gurbani contained in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is in Raags.There are 60 raags in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.Raags denote feelings,love,approach,mindset .They are not simply sur & taal but beyond that.Raj Academy students not only do kirtan as per the raags given in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, but also use traditional sikh instruments like rabab,saranda,taus,dilruba,sarangi and jori.These instruments were used by our Gurus. Listening to such kirtan is just amazing, beyond description. Harmonium was introduced in India by Britishers in the year 1902 and it entered Sri Hamandir Sahib in the year 1919.We have adopted it in a big way & discarded our rich traditional instruments. Ours is a great history. It is our duty to preserve this rich heritage. We don’t have to blame anybody for the past, but together we have to take step forward in this direction so that our children do not blame us for our lapse.
Raj academy is doing a wonderful job in this direction. Here are some photographs of the kirtan being performed by them in Gurudwara Bangla Sahib New Delhi.

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