Tuesday, December 12, 2006
This week end I attended a marriage in a Punjab village. I was saddened to see the things happening there. People have completely forgotten the teachings of our great gurus or are ignorant about them or do not want to get educated about the teachings of great gurus or we Sikhs are completely involved in Maya or having the attitude “saanu ki”(why we bother)and not try to teach about gursikh way of life. Most of young boys have cut their hair. For the purpose of anand karaj ceremony bridegroom wears the turban ,or some boys wear it or some without the turban join the marriage party(barat).Function starts with silly rituals which have no meaning in Sikhism. Gender inequality is at its peak. Women are barred from joining the marriage party. Women go to the outskirts of the village to see off the bridegroom & the party .They return to the village and do some rituals and sing songs which are gender biased “Puttan de jam hon te bahuan de aan”means birth of sons and brides will come home. Marriage party had to go to another village about 40kilometer distance. A bus was hired for the marriage party and car for the bridegroom. There were two marriages in the village where we reached around 11.30am .First marriage was completed around 1.00pm.Then second marriage started around 1.20pm.The granthi ji started the anand karaj by saying that it is better if the couple getting married is Amritdhari.The bridegroom was not even having the Keshas .The granthi and his companion were more interested in making money on that day.One granthi sang something which was not even Gurubani.The marriage was completed around 3.00pm.After that I left the venue as I had to go to some other important work. Bridegroom with his friends/relatives
Anand karaj being performed
Some unsikh ritual
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At 12:08 PM, Blogger Prabhu

People have reduced the Sikh Dharma to just another religion. In their minds anyway, true Dharma cannot be reduced, but the only Sikh actions they participate in, they are doing from dogma, not from dharma. It truly is sad. Well the nishaan of the Khalsa is now in the west and Khalsa shall rule. It's all in the will of God.
Sat Siri Akaaaaal!


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Balbir Singh

Bhai Prabhu Singh ji,
Thankyou very much for such an encouraging comment.
Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh